So many couples of years ago, and you will probably remember that everybody’s designer handbag was bigger than the next one. Don’t get me wrong, I am still obsessed with big purses. It seems the style set has quite literally gone to the other extreme, swapping enormously oversized bags for miniature styles and everyone is loving them. Lots of designers purses now are creating mini versions of their most popular styles and you can see on biggest fashion bloggers, fashion insiders, and street styles. 

So just this year, I bought myself a new bag, I got myself the Ava Croco Gold 9” in Camel Brown from Teddy Blake. I was looking for a crossbody bag that can fit all my essentials, not too pricey, good quality and yes, something that will not hurt my shoulders. 

Just to tell you more about Teddy Blake, they are affordable Luxurious handbag designs handcrafted from high-quality leather by the best Italian artisans! 
I discovered them through Instagram last year and bought my first one. I was looking for a purse that I will take on my trip to Europe. I got the Maya Duo Leather Handbag and took it everywhere with me in the streets of Paris, Amsterdam, and Austria.
If you will ask me, can this mini bag really be suitable or the everyday woman? I certainly think so, it really depends on time and place. A smaller bag allows you to carry fewer items, like the things that you really need.
What are the things that I normally put in a tiny bag, I don’t need to carry a anything other than my iPhone Plus with credit cards, keys, dry shampoo, powder and 2 lipstick. (They all fit! Nothing else, though.) Okay, sometimes, I do add a little chocolate bar.
Why I love this bag? I think it is the minimalist style of this bag that makes me really fall for it. The quality of this Italian leather handbag is absolutely stunning. I can honestly say that this is something very close to a high-end designer purse. The bag is so chic giving you the perfect space for your essentials. When I say essentials, just like car keys, my phone, cardholder, and my favorite lip balm & a little cologne. This mini bag, it serves fashion over function. I noticed when you carry a bigger bag, you just want to put all your world in there, like stuff that you don’t even need, trust me, I am guilty of that. And then when you carry a mini bag, it lets you scale back and just carry the essentials. 
Sometimes I love changing out handbags with my outfits so that they coordinate well. Sometimes, we love using our handbag for every season. Though this bag looks so expensive and also because of the croco leather, I love the fact that I can pair this with every style I am pulling off. It is very important to me that I can wear it with floral prints, stilettos, flats or sneakers.
The Ava bag can take you from a ladies' luncheon to an evening out without missing a beat when it comes to style and elegance.

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