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On the lookout for a pretty new handbag? Elizabeth from is sharing her long time experience with Teddy Blake with an in depth review of her new bag the Ava 9″ in Lilac



We first collaborated with in the fall of 2019. Her first handbag was the Maya handbag in pink and blue that she styled at New York Fashion Week!  She loved the feminine style, size, colors and quality. Since then, she's acquired a few more Teddy Blake handbags – the Ava 9″ in pink, light blue, and now… lilac. "I guess you could say that I have a type when it comes to handbags 😉 " she says. But until now she never actually shared a full Teddy Blake review.

Elizabeth is reviewing the Teddy Blake Ava 9″ in Lilac. She is sharing as much detail about this handbag and about her experience with Teddy Blake overall including how her bags do long-term (she had the pink and light blue for a year)!


Elizabeth says "shipping was very fast! I am US based and it took a few days at most to arrive. The handbag came packaged in a very nice box and soft dust bag. The bag was well protected and arrived in perfect condition. A crossbody strap and tag were wrapped and included separately."


About the style Ava she got the 9″ but the Ava is also available in 6″, 11″ and 14″ versions as well. "Personally, I find the 9″ to be the PERFECT size. I’m very petite (under 4’11”) so smaller handbags look much more proportionate to my body. However, don’t doubt it’s size – the Ava 9″ can fit quite a bit! In fact, the pink version has been my go-to everyday bag for a year!"


About the 9" she says" it’s quite roomy for it’s size." The bag features two pockets inside (one zipped and one regular) with another zipped pocket on the back. Lizzie mentions "You can easily fit a phone, wallet, sunglass case, keys, lip gloss, travel sunscreen and more. Sometimes, I’ll even bring a water bottle along with me if I’m running errands and it fits just fine!"


"Aesthetically, I usually lean more toward gold hardware. It looks gorgeous with the lilac and the gold is a soft metallic gold that offers a hint of shine in all the right places. It has a top handle and magnetic closure with two straps on each side that “lock” the flap into place. The exterior is Stampatto leather and the interior is suede. It also comes with an adjustable crossbody strap and a logo tag with a key and lock (the key is hidden under the tag portion). There are also four gold feet on the bottom."



According to Elizabeth "this is the ideal handbag that I’m usually drawn to – structured with a feminine and ladylike silhouette. It has an Old Hollywood vintage look that I adore! And it really does look and feel high end. The quality of the materials, design details and stitching are exceptional. I also really love that the logo is dainty, delicate and not too obvious. When it comes to handbags, I love a clean design with minimal branding. In my opinion, it makes the bag more timeless and wearable."



She thinks, and we could not agree more that that this is an important aspect for any review. In Elizabeth's experience "my Maya handbags are almost three years old and they still look amazing! The Ava handbags from last year honestly still look brand new, which is crazy because I have used the pink one on a near daily basis since I got it. They have all held their shape beautifully and the color, leather, and hardware have held up really well without any issues. The only thing that looks a bit worn is the magnetic closure of the pink Ava since I use it so much but that’s pretty normal."

Thank you to for her review & style of the stunning Ava Stampatto 9" handbag! What are your thoughts of the Ava Collection? Comment below!

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