The Ava, a very unique bag by

In today’s blog post I’d like to talk about Teddy Blake’s new Ava Croco bag. I received this bag in the month of January and wanted to share my review since then. These images were taken 1 month back before the quarantine. I have already mentioned in my previous blog posts how much I love Teddy Blake.
This Ava Croco Gold in color orange is something that stands out in my wardrobe. It is perfect if you want to make a dull outfit cheery, the color is vibrant, summery and looks so versatile! The bag is well designed and looks luxurious. It comes in 2 2 sizes: 9 inches, 11 inches and tons of different colors. It has gold hardware and feet at the bottom, I personally like bags that have feet because they feel more sturdy, look high-end and hold my stuff well.
The back of the bag has an outside pocket which is something uber cool..I use it to keep my car keys or lip gloss. The inside of the bag has suede which is something I love, it also comes with a lock and key. I use this bag mostly when I am traveling because it can easily accommodate all my travel essentials. It is the perfect size to carry carry-on stuff and still be able to get away as a personal bag/luggage.
That’s it for this blog post guys. I hope you are loving this bag as much as I looks so so classy for special occasions. It is made in Italy, the leather is high quality and this is a bag that will last you a long time. I’m super excited to add it to my handbag collection.
It comes in plain leather as well as suede, they have so many options to select from, it is very difficult for me to pick a favorite. This is definitely a very unique bag.


  • M Halliburton

    My bag just arrived ! What a great surprise! The AVA 11” in Blue Jean . I had hoped that it would work well with a pair of heels I own in a shade of Marine Blue , it is a perfect match for my shoes. A very well made , beautifully lined bag with lovely hardware. It arrived swiftly in a lovely box which had its own magnetic latch . Well packed with bubble wrap , padding and a great linen protective bag. I look forward to being able to buy another .

  • Debora Hudson

    Love this bag great color on my wish list beat cancer 2x


    I want one of this, but I do not have how to pay for it. I was hired por the mandemia !!!

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