TB-LUX Magazine Issue 1//2021


Luxury can be affordable. Using the same Italian pelleteries to handpick our leather and the same factories to create our bags as expensive luxury brands. With Teddy Blake there is No compromise on the quality of your leather bag - and there is No charge on the label.



With Teddy Blake handbags every lifestyle choice is covered! All the bags come with a removable & adjustable shoulder strap. There is also a collection of independent straps if you want to mix rather than match.

You could go on and on and try to find a reason, but a leather bag by Teddy Blake is the best buy - remember you get all the luxury perks without the luxury cost.

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 Thank you for being a part of the Teddy Blake story!  We could not be here without you!


The new styles coming with this 2021 edition are a testament that classic elements should be a part of the trends.

Fashion is very quick in dismissing the past - well, at least every other 20 years or so when it's used as something completely new and never seen before.

However, when the focus is creating something new - never done or seen before - the end result is a passing trend. Don't get me wrong trends are nice, novelty and innovation is welcomed - more than welcomed. But how many times did we fell for a trend that lasted a few months? How many times did we see that item in our closet and said - what was I thinking?

A trend goes away as fast as it came along. A Teddy Blake bag is created to stay. We use classic elements, combine them with trending lines to design for you timeless pieces that will always fit your lifestyle.

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Handbags have a magical power to transform any look from basic to boujee. They are the accessory every woman loves and needs and let’s be honest most of us don’t leave the house without one. A pair of flat shoes? Umbrella? Cosmetics bag? Going to work, for lunch or popping out to see friends, a quality bag is a must-have.
Whether you’re looking for a classic tote, a bang-on-trend clutch or a practical bucket bag, Teddy Blake is what every girl needs in her wardrobe.
This brand screams quality with its Italian leather, elegant shine, durability and the expert craftsmanship – a Teddy Blake bag is a lifetime choice.
Timeless, modern, elegant and versatile, this Bella Palmelatto is currently my favorite dusk to dawn accessory! I wear it with anything, jeans, dresses, work suits and it never misses its mark.

Another reason why I love Bella Palmelatto is the size of the bag. Mini bags have never grown on me mainly because I need to fit in more than just a lipstick! This gorgeous bag with its generous roomy 15’’ size is the perfect size to pack in all of my necessities and more. Love that!
The red suede on the inside feels and looks so luxurious and I still can’t get over how much stuff I can fit, not to mention the two full length zipper side pockets. I love this clever organized design with 3 compartments and also a detachable shoulder strap for those who want to wear it over the shoulder.
One thing is clear, if you’re looking to make a serious bag investment, Teddy Blake is definitely the brand to get familiar with.

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