Review of the Ava Fuchsia with

Today on the blog, Jessica from is reviewing the  Ava 11″ in Fuschia!

Since her early teen years Jessica has shared a fondness for handbags saying "One of my first fashion loves was the handbag. Since the time I started getting an allowance, I’ve been spending my hard earned dolla dolla bills on handbags, and things haven’t changed since! Meet my most recent handbag addition: The Teddy Blake Ava 11″ in Fuschia! " 

Flaunting her latest Teddy Blake bag Miss More says she just love all her Teddy Blake bags "they’re all beautiful!"

Talking about the brand she presents Teddy Blake to be one of her favorite affordable luxury handbag brands "With Teddy Blake, you aren’t paying that hefty price tag because they aren’t engaging in those “traditional” luxury fashion marketing tactics. Teddy Blake handbags are still crafted from high quality leather by artisans in Italy, but there is no price on the label. While their bags aren’t cheap, you are paying a fair price for beautiful handbags in classic shapes. Seriously, all their styles will be something you can love and carry for many years to come."

About her new Ava bag, Jessica says: " Its actually been a goal of mine to have a handbag in every color.  When I spotted the  Ava 11″ in Fuschia, it was love at first sight. It's honestly the perfect size! It can comfortably fit my iphone 13 pro max, checkbook wallet, keyring, a powder, some lipsticks, and sunglasses with room to spare. It truly fits everything I need to carry on a day to day basis, and then some."

Pink leather on pink point. She is fond of the leather it's made with saying "I love the pebbled stampatto leather as well. Pebbled leather is a great option when you are a little bit more abusive to your handbag. Because the leather already has a texture to it, you don’t have to worry so much about being precious with your handbag. " 

Her favorite part of the bag is the color. We love this quote from her " Seriously, is going to be the perfect bag for spring and summer!" 

Thank you to for her review & style of the stunning Aa 11" handbag! What are your thoughts of the Ava Collection? Comment below!

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