Olive Green as a Neutral by ElegantlyDressedAndStylish.com

Green bags, especially olive, can be very versatile in your handbag collection. I am sharing how I style it this week on the blog.

Olive Green Bag - Teddy Blake

We most often gravitate toward black, cognac, and variations of tan when it comes it day to day bags. I did consider getting a cognac bag from Teddy Blake, but my eyes gravitated toward this luscious, warm olive green.

“Color Meaning: Meaning of The Color Green. Green, the color of life, renewal, nature, and energy, is associated with meanings of growth, harmony, freshness, safety, fertility, and environment . ”

Of course, I love this and to me, nature has always been my most peaceful place, so it has special meaning.

Now, in terms of your wardrobe, olive green works as a “color neutral”. So, where we often think of black, white, grey, brown as neutrals, olive green has warm tones that will work with every color. This olive is a brownish green, where you might find pine green to have more of a black cast to it.

Kelly green or a bright green is cooler, so depending on your wardrobe, if you wear cooler tones, you might enjoy wearing this shade of bag.

Teddy Blake New York makes leather handbags from Italy, at more affordable prices for a luxury item. This particular bag is the GIGI  Stampatto Gold 13″

Satchels always appeal to me for sure, the elegance and structured look is something i love. The gold hardware is beautiful and there is one compartment inside the bag plus a zipper. The interior is suede. I need to get myself one of those purse organizers to keep the interior clean and switch my bags out!

It does come with a leather strap in case you don’t want to carry a bag all day when out and about.

I have a fair amount of greens and warm Fall tones in my closet, so I thought this olive bag would be the perfect choice. It will get a lot of wear, being a neutral.

Moving on to the Outfit

I certainly could have chosen any color to style with my bag, as I mentioned, but I had olive green on my mind.

The suede moto and floral scarf paired nicely, as there are bits of black, olive, yellow, red and lilac in the print and the scarf breaks up some of the olive in the look.

I’ve styled my high rise Mott and Bow skinny jeans with my croc black boots. Under the jacket I am wearing a black silk cami if I want to leave the jacket open.  The addition of accessories- bag, scarf really make the impact with the look.

Thank you to ElegantlyDressedAndStylish.com for her review & style of the stunning Gigi 13" shoulder bag! What are your thoughts of the Gigi Collection? Comment below!

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