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Are you considering purchasing a luxury handbag but are not quite sure about the high price tag that comes with it? We had the pleasure of collaborating with Alex from She is sharing her true thoughts on the Gigi Stampatto Gold 13″ bag in Pink

Alex wanted to see if it really is possible to get a luxury bag for less. She says " Teddy Blake has a wide range of chic styles that come in multiple colour options. Their bags will cost you between $300 and $600. While this is still quite a lot of money, it’s small in comparison to the $1500 – $2000 you’d pay for a Mulberry Bag or around $8000+ for a Birkin!!"

Shipping & Packaging

Sharing her experience with the shipping & packaging she says "It came beautifully presented in a thick card storage box and its own dust bag, which will help prolong the life of the bag. It was padded with tissue paper to keep the shape while in transit.

I was so happy when I took it out of the packaging. This bag is absolutely beautiful, it also has that lovely new bag smell."

The Bag

Alex loved the color and presentation of her bag saying "The beautiful pale pink leather and gold coloured hardware works perfectly together. Overall, you can tell that this bag is lovely quality and finished to a high standard. Inside, it is suede lined and has a small zip up pocket."

But one of her favorite features of the bag is "the removable strap".
Did you know that almost all Teddy Blake bags come with a removable strap that allows you to wear it your way? As a handbag, a crossbody bag or a shoulder bag - you bag - your way!
Alex says that while she loves holding a bag in her hand " it isn’t always practical. I love my Mulberry bag but sometimes I find it so heavy to carry around. The strap on the GIGI bag makes it easy to carry and perfect for travel. I will definitely be taking it next time I go on a flight!"

In conclusion, Alex says "I’m very pleased with this bag. I’m confident that it will stand the test of time! So does Teddy Blake deliver on their promise of luxury for less? I think they do!"

Thank you to for her review & style of the stunning Gigi Stampatto 13" handbag! What are your thoughts of the Gigi Collection? Comment below!

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  • Catherine Pham

    It’s beautiful color & adaptable in all circumstances. The design looks luxurious. I really like it.

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