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Today on the blog we are talking about a subject of keen interest  with Jessica from - what bags are worth investing in and why?

We agree with Jessica's point of view: " I’ve come to a realization: when it comes to handbags, quality over quantity is always better. Some of you are probably like, well yeah, DUH Jessica! I know, I’m not sure how it took me so long to really see this, but I am determined to curate a beautiful, classic handbag collection of bags that are timeless, well made, and will be a long-lasting piece in my wardrobe. "

While on the subject she wanted to give  you a full on review on her lates Teddy Blake handbag investment because, she says "if you are like me and want to invest in the bags that will be something you’ll love and want to carry for years to come, you need to know about this affordable luxury handbag brand!"

Miss Moore wanted to share some key point about our brand that some of you may not be aware of: "Teddy Blake is a handbag brand that wants to democratize the luxury leather handbag industry. They use some of the same Italian pelleteries to handpick our leather and the same factories to create their bags as expensive luxury brands. So you might be wondering how you are able to score a luxury leather handbag at a fraction of the designer price? Believe it or not, the high cost of designer bags isn’t necessarily due to the materials and the craftsmanship of the bag, but for the label on the bag. Essentially, designer brands are charging you for all the costs that go into marketing their bags such as runway shows, photoshoots, product placements, celebrity and influencer endorsements, print ads and more. Teddy Blake does things differently, so you aren’t paying literally thousands of dollars for their label." 

Her new Teddy Blake handbag and the one she is reviewing and styling is  the Kim Stampatto 14″ in camel leather Here is her honest opinion that made us all blush with pride: "I am obsessed with its classic shape! This is my second Teddy Blake bag…(she also owns the Kate Vitello bag) The Kim Stampatto comes in a 9″ and 11″ size as well, if the 14″ seems to big, but in my opinion, it fits everything I could need and more! The entire Teddy Blake experience is so luxe, from the time you receive your brand new bag in the mail. "

Her favorite parts on the this handbag are: " This style is in a luxe pebbled leather with gorgeous gold hardware detailing. I chose the camel color because it is such an incredible versatile color that will work for literally any season. Its in the brown family but still looks great when worn with blacks or greys. Additionally, the pebbled leather is a great choice for an everyday bag because it is able to stand up to everyday wear and tear and can take a little bit more abuse than a smoother leather could. The shape of the Kim is so classic and I know this is a handbag that will not go out of style and I can carry it for years and years to come. The quality and craftsmanship in this bag is stunning! I highly recommend Teddy Blake bags as I know they are an investment I can not only afford but also one that is worthwhile as well."
We believe she made a strong case of why Teddy Blake bags are a good handbag investment for you as well - don't you agree?

Thank you to for her review & style of the stunning Kim 14" shoulder bag! What are your thoughts of the Kim Collection? Comment below!

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