I’m here today to introduce you to my girl, Kate Vitello from Teddy Blake Handbags. I had the incredible privilege of being gifted this stunning handbag from Teddy Blake, however, y’all can rest assured that I will give you the full tea on this handbag, my thoughts on this brand, and why I believe you probably should get one of these beauties for your collection! 

First of all, who the heck is Teddy Blake? I asked the same thing so here’s the skinny on this handbag company. Teddy Blake handbags are made in Italy with premium leather and their mission is simple: to create beautiful, affordable, luxury handbags. My first question was, ok, great, but how do you make luxury affordable? These are two words that don’t usually appear in the same sentence, am I right or am I right?
The answer is actually pretty simple. See, when you purchase a big name brand designer bag, say, Gucci or Louis Vuitton, yes, the materials they are made from are high end, but, truly the reason why their price tags are so high is because you are paying for that Gucci or Louis Vuitton name on your bag. With Teddy Blake, you are getting those same quality materials and craftsmanship, but without the high price tag of the big designer houses. Teddy Blake bags range from around $200-$500 which is a fraction of the price of big designers, but still with the same impeccable quality and classic styles you will use for years!
Now that you are introduced to Teddy Blake, let’s talk about my gorgeous Royal Blue Kate Vitello 12″ bag! I love the shape of this bag, it definitely gives me Hermes vibes. As soon as I saw this blue color online, I knew I had to have it, it just was so vibrant and I must say that it is even more beautiful in person! The inner lining of this bag has two zipper compartments and the most luxurious royal blue suede lining. If you want to see more of the details of the bag and my first impressions, make sure to check out my video unboxing, which will be linked at the end of this post. Suffice it to say, this bag is so so beautiful and I really want more of their styles! I personally don’t know if I will ever have the cash to shell out for a Birkin, so finding a brand like Teddy Blake where I can get that same style of bag at a price that I can actually afford is truly amazing. 

I’ve now had this bag a month or so, and I can tell ya I’m still just as in love with it as when I first got it. Obviously I can’t speak to its longevity at this point, but I just can tell with how well it is constructed that it is gonna last me many years to come. I’ve really been trying to play more with color combinations that I might not have tried before….Blair Eadie has definitely been an influence lately…so I went for this gorgeous blue bag because I wanted to push myself to wear a bright blue handbag on a regular basis rather than always reaching for a neutral bag. I love this look that I put together with this gorgeous plaid midi skirt from Shein and this super comfy bodysuit from Sophia Vergara’s Walmart line. Leave me a comment down below of what colors you would wear with this bright blue bag!

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