Ok, ok 2020 was "special"...some say a year so bad they had to name it twice! Because everyone and most of everything moved online, the e-commerce industry boomed with 2 types of shoppers – "Add to Cart" and "Add to Wishlist"!

Our Add to Wishlist shoppers probably though, if I can't wear it, I won't buy it. And we can't disagree, a perfect bag is not meant to sit in the closet or just be styled in front of the mirror. The Perfect bag needs to worked, felt, styled! Well, great news window shoppers – 2020 is over and 2021 is promising lots of style opportunities!

To our Add to Cart Community, we can understand the joy of unboxing a new Teddy Blake bag. They truly are a sight. First time shoppers discovered what the rave is all about – A luxury experience without the luxury Cost. From the packaging to the first look, it's impossible not to notice the small details: the craftsmanship, the leather and the elegant smell – You know you have a true designer piece in your hands!

Regardless of the category you're from, we've rounded up the top 5 handbag trends that will definitively make a style stand in 2021.

The Ava - Modern, Sleek&Chic


The style that keeps on giving. The Ava can elevate or match most if not all your style choices. It comes in 4 different sizes and in a rainbow of colors that you can choose from. And we didn't even mention the leather choices: smooth or pebbled leather, and even exotic: croco embossed or real python. Heads up – the last one is a very limited edition). An Ava bag was made for you to style in 2021!


The Bella - Practice Smart Chic


When we say Practice Smart chic – we mean it! The Bella is not only classic chic – it's practical. It a has a surprising amount of space inside with out looking oversized. And it's a real treat to reach inside due to the luxurious suede interior. We bet it will rock many workday outfits in 2021!


The Eliza – Effortless Cool Look


The Bucket bag is no longer just a trend, it turned into a classic style and we are all over it. The Eliza by Teddy Blake is the ultimate carry all for all seasons. From the mini version to the maxi one, it features a contrasting color interior that just ads a sexy pop to it! In 2021 the Eliza collection features a new cozy addition - the Eliza Shearling. It truly is the ultimate carry all for 2021


The Kate - A Timeless Attraction 

If you're looking for a bag that will make an impression, the Kate Style is the designer bag you need. The structured silhouette of this leather bag gives it a fashion edge like no other bag. The collection took off in 2020 and will surely be a 2021 handbag icon.


The Kim – Step Into Fashion


If you stroll though all of Teddy Blake's designs, it will be easy to see why the Kim stands out. Its unique appeal is something handbag enthusiast just can't go without. Being a jewel of a bag this style makes you step out of your comfort zone in 2021!


Lots of things are expected from 2021! Even if we don't know what going to happen, one thing is clear: bags are here to stay. If you are looking for a designer bag worth the investment in 2021 TeddyBlake.com is the place to be :)



Comment your thoughts below, and let us know what handbags are you looking at for 2021? 



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  • Veronica Ferguson

    Looking for a smallish black crossbody bag

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