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There is nothing I love more than a closet staple. These are items that transcend time and can be re-styled multiple ways. That’s why I’ve teamed up with Teddy Blake to share my My Go To Bag! Versatility comes in many different ways, whether it be via a classic color and/or shape.

The Mia bag has a bunch of gorgeous colors to choose from. My favorites are the light beige, dark green and, of course, camel.

In addition to being a versatile shape and color, I especially love that this bag has both a strap and a handle. I love the crossbody strap that pairs perfectly with a more casual look and the handle, which gives this bag a more formal and sophisticated vibe. I also love the size of this bag.

It can fit my phone, wallet, lip gloss…pretty much anything a girl could need! The best part is that these bags are made in Italy with premium quality leather and experienced craftmanship.

Design Notes
The design of the new Mia shoulder bag is charmed by the brands elegant monogram in matching color. The suitcase silhouette was crafted in Italy form smooth natural leather & features a soft suede interior. Carry The Mia crossbody to add a dash of structured sophistication to any look, no matter the season.

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