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The Adelia bag I'm sure every girl needs this purse in their wardrobe! It's definitely been a repeat purse for myself and that tends to only happen when I REALLY LOVE a purse!
Teddy Blake's Adelia bag! It's honestly one of the perfect bags! I love how structured the bag is and the size is perfect for every day! Not too small or too big - there's enough room for my phone, wallet, keys, puffer, a few lipsticks and with room to spare! I also love that to bag has a longer strap, so if I don't feel like carrying it around, I can just swing it over my shoulder and wear it without a care. The bag is so versatile that it can be dressed up or down!
And can we talk about the print of the purse? The Adelia bag does come in smooth leather colours, as well as three different sizes, so really, if you feel the smallest size is too small, you can go ahead and get the medium! And if you're looking for an even bigger bag, they have a large size! This still is so amazing with so many different options!
Make sure to check out Teddy Blake's Adelia bag and all the other bags the brand has to offer!

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