A Spring Bag With Teddy Blake by StyleWaltz.com

Happy March y’all!  I am so excited for this month.  March brings Poppy’s first birthday and the explosion of springtime here in Florida.  We hit up the beach this past weekend twice and it was good for my soul to smell the salt air and watch the delight on my kiddo’s faces.  I am really looking forward to the warmer months and all the outdoor adventures we will have.
I was so excited when my friends at Teddy Blake sent over this gorgeous spring bag.  ( I have reviewed another one of their bags here that I loved!) You know I am a big lover of blush-colored bags and this one is stunning.  I love the crossbody feature and the delicate suede.  It is the perfect bag to welcome this new season.  Teddy Blake makes great quality bags that are made of Italian leather.  Their price point is good and the bag will last you a long time. I love that this bag can be dressed up or down.  You can pair it with your favorite sundress or with those distressed shorts.  Versatile spring bags are the best!  If you are on the hunt for a new spring bag, I highly recommend Teddy Blake.
Thank you to  StyleWaltz.com for her in review of the wonderful Sophia bag! What are your thoughts of the Sophia Collection? Comment below!

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