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This isn’t the first time I have raved about Teddy Blake handbags.  Over the years, I have owned several and can 100% say I love them.

Recently I received the Bella Vitello 12″ from Teddy Blake and wow! I am so impressed with this bag.  It is roomy and I love the top handle or shoulder strap option.  The camel-colored leather is stunning and perfect with any outfit.  This handbag comes in so many colors I am sure you can find one you love!

I have received a few questions over the years regarding Italian handbag designer Teddy Blake so I will answer a few of them here.


 Is Teddy Blake considered a luxury handbag?

100% yes!  Teddy Blake is seeking to democratize the leather handbag industry by bringing fair prices to exceptional products.  Have you ever wondered through other Italian handbag designer stores only to have your jaw drop at their prices?!  They are borderline ridiculous.  Teddy Blake wants to cut through the leather handbag industry by bringing affordable, quality, 100% Italian leather handbags to YOU!

Is Teddy Blake made in China?

NO!  These bags are made in Italy.   These bags have gorgeous high-end hardware with an elegant shine and durability, the expert craftsmanship and strong stitching will ensure that you will carry this bag for years!

Who owns Teddy Blake?

Teddy Blake is owned by Samy Waiche

Where to see Teddy Blake products?

In your home!  While most Italian handbag designers are only seen in high-end retail stores, Teddy Blake provides you the comfort of purchasing an Italian handbag online and gives you the option to return within 14 days.  You can try your bag on with various looks and make sure that it is the bag for YOU before committing to it!  That is a win in my book!

Interested in other FAQS about the Teddy Blake brand, make sure to check out their FAQ page!

If you are on the hunt for the perfect gift Teddy Blake is an excellent gift choice for buying Italian bags online at a fraction of the price of other designer bags.  Italian handbag designer Teddy Blake provides women with the choice of owning a luxurious bag that is made and sourced in Italy at a much cheaper price than other Italian designers.


Thank you to for her review of the stunning Bella  12" shoulder bag! What are your thoughts of the Bella Collection? Comment below!

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