How to choose the perfect bag!

Welcome, welcome! It's spring 2021, and in case you did not hear handbag heaven is now online. If you want to visit just click here – look around and shop your perfect bag :slightly_smiling_face: But just in case you are not sure what bag to get, we've asked stylists and fashion experts for tips in choosing the "THE ONE" handbag for you.

Choose a high quality bag

      No matter how many people we asked Quality is at the top of the list. The perfect handbag is something you will want to enjoy in the long run. It's an important accessory and therefore you will want to buy the best quality bag you can. Regardless if you have thousand to spend or you are on a budget Teddy Blake handbags are for you. They are crafted in Italy by expert artisans with decades of experience. Italians are recognized world wide for their expertise in manufacturing leather goods, just like the Chinese are with tech. So if quality is what you are looking for, make sure to look for the Made in Italy tag.

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      Choose leather handbags

      Even though at this point handbags are made from a wide range of materials, leather handbags are still the best way to go. It's highly resilient and ages well. But be careful, if the leather is not a good quality leather it will tear easily, if it's not properly processed or dyed it will smell bad and transfer color. Teddy Blake handbags are made using premium luxury leather from Italy. Did you know Italy has entire regions that specialize only in producing leather materials for high end fashion goods? They hand select the raw material, and use very tedious processes to create that leather we love. The process used these days was initiated in the early 1800 and has suffered improvements with every generation. Teddy Blake's leather source is in Tuscany, Italy, and it's an amazing place to visit on your next vacation!
      Getting back to leather handbags. It's not enough to just say choose leather. There are so many types of leather, and you need to make an informed decision based on personal preference or use. We've made you a leather guide to simplify things for you:

      Stampatto & Cervo leathers are pebbled leathers that have a raised, pebble-shaped texture applied to the surface and it's soft to the touch. The pebbled texture adds visual appeal while also making the leather more scratch and abrasion resistant which can look great after extended use.



      Vitello leather is a stunning looking leather that states high class. It’s a smooth leather that is sleek and elegant. Women appreciate its chic appearance that's fairly durable and strong, and will hold up well even after months of use. 


      Palmelatto leather is a semi-rigid textured leather that is incredibly durable and resistant to almost anything - including water. Women love the elegant look of this type of leather, but it's strength is what makes Pallmelatto handbags the go-to choice for everyday bags. Women love the elegant style of this particular leather, but they love its resistance even more. 

      Choose a handbag color you love

        There is the forever must – a black leather bag. Your bag. The one that you always reach for, the one that will never let you down no matter your style or mood of the day. You know black is a staple item and always a great choice, but don't forget - the perfect bag doesn't have to be black. There are other neutral colors that can copy the magic of the black bag :slightly_smiling_face: to name a few: navy, grey, taupe, beige, nude pink, brown or even white. These are all season colors that can match so many different styles, pieces and personalities.
        Here is a color swatch to help you discover the right neutral bag for you

         Enjoy The Colors→


        However don't shy away from colored bags, they can add that pop of color that will elevate your look to a more stylish level: red, blue, yellow, green. But if you are not there yet – confidence wise - Teddy Blake has a multitude of colored neutral combos like dark green, bordeaux, pink, dark green. We've put together 9 looks courtesy of our fashion influencer partners for a visual :slightly_smiling_face:

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         Style tips for the perfect bag


          Big or small, geometric, dome, linear, bucket or whatever bag look you are gravitating towards remember to choose a bag with structure. I will keep that look you love in the long run. Just like wine, a structured bag will age better.
          Logos? Yes, but not too much. If you want to splurge on a trend ok, but a trending bag is not the perfect bag. Think long term and long use on repeat. A stubble label will add to your look rather than overcome it. And will stand the test of time better.
          The hardware on a bag is very similar to the jewels we wear – a little goes a long way and shows class. Keep the number of hardware to a minimal, because let's be real: Who has a time to read a map or have a locksmith on call every time we need to get in our bags? Did you know the average woman reaches into her bag 15 times/hour? A zipper, a flap or a string is hassle enough, don't you agree?
          More to the point, hardware elements are among the first to fail the test of time, not to mention upkeep. The perfect bag is a gift you give yourself so you should enjoy it more than you have to work at it. And of course remember to keep your bag clean, store it in the dust bag, and never leave it on the floor.


          Function& size

            Touching the most elementary scope of a bag – to transport things from one point to another. The perfect bag for you will be able to carry all the stuff you need on a daily basis. Make a list of the things you need in your bag when going out. Make sure your things fit in the bag easily and you don't have to go in "architectural mode" to cram them inside. It's time consuming and you will get that :ready to pop: look on the bag.
            If you are not sure your favorite Teddy Blake bag can be your perfect bag in term of carry options? Ask us in the comments or buzz our customer care team in the chat.
            For a visual assistance here are some WIMB video on our most popular styles&sizes

            Discover the Bella Collection→

            Discover the Kate Collection→


            Discover the Ava Collection→


            • Casual or Formal?


            One of the most important factors in choosing your Perfect bag is your lifestyle. Your work and your social outings revolve around corporations and places with a certain dress code. You have a more casual work environment and enjoy your free time at the movie theatre or pizza places. You are always on the go and your bag must keep up with you. Each lifestyle defines perfection differently. So always consider yours, as this will help you define your perfect bag. Don't worry though, your lifestyle does not limit your options and there are many, many bags that can satisfy any lifestyle choice and then some.
            We've made a little pole among customers and collaborators to review different Teddy Blake collections based on how they performed in different lifestyle situations:


            Enjoy the Gigi Collection→

            Enjoy the Kate Collection→

            Enjoy the Ava Collection→


            Enjoy the Bella Collection→

            Enjoy the Eliza Collection→

            Enjoy the Kim Collection→


            The perfect bag will always perform great in any situation, and Teddy Blake has made sure to keep this in mind when creating their styles. The perfect bag will feel like it was made with you in mind! Happy shopping!

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